17 legitimate ways to make money online

Many people are looking for legitimate ways to make money online because they are scared.

They are worried about what they are going to do when it comes to retirement. How are they going to fund their children’s education? How are they going to take care of medical problems that could arise at any time?

Even less serious issues are a major stress for many people out there.

Many people don’t know how they are going to cover the mortgage payment. If their car breaks down, are they going to have the money to pay for the repair?

Never before in recorded history have this many people been in as much debt as we are today. Banks and credit card companies have seen these problems and they are capitalizing on it.

As a culture, we need to start using more wisdom when it comes to our finances.

Realize that debt equals risk. EVERY TIME! I would highly recommend that you look in Dave Ramsey’s books and seminars. He is a very caring man who’s life work revolves around teaching people how to achieve Financial Peace.

As a side note, I would also recommend Tony Robbin’s book, Money Master The Game. This will help you see that creating an “income machine” for your retirement is entirely in your reach!

But in some cases the problem is not about the spending habits… sometimes it’s simply an income problem.

There simply isn’t enough paycheck at the end of the month to care of the things that we so desperately need to take care of.

Even though many people are buried in debt and facing decreasing incomes, there is more opportunity out in the marketplace now than ever before.

The internet and other technology has provided regular folks like you and me so many new opportunities that didn’t even exist 10 years ago! Millionaires are being created around the globe at a faster pace than ever before.

So take heart!

I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you some different ways that you can use the internet (nothing but your home computer) to start bringing in some extra income.

Whether you want to create long term financial freedom or just make a few extra bucks to cover the mortgage payment, I think you will get a lot of ideas from this post.

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

The video below is a very condensed version of this post. After watching the video, I would still encourage you to read the full post because there are many legitimate ways to make money online that I didn’t talk about in the video.

I’m going to begin talking about some simple ways to earn a few extra bucks. I am NOT endorsing all of these methods. I think that some of them are risky. And others are simply not worth the trouble. But I wanted to be as thorough as possible and cover all the bases.

1. Online Surveys

surveys for money

If you have spent any amount of time looking to making some extra money online, then you have undoubtedly come across some of these online surveys.

And you’ve probably thought to yourself, “This HAS to be too good to be true!”

Well, yes and no.

You really can make tangible money by filling out these surveys. Toluna, Valued Opinions, and Global Test Market are just a few resources that you could look into.

But at the end of the day, you will not get rich by filling out these surveys.

Trust me, I’ve tried it in the past.

I found that I was not even eligible for the vast majority of the surveys and the few that I could participate in paid out less than 5 bucks.

So by the time you’ve made your first 5 dollars online, you’re in it for many hours of very boring and tedious work.

Keep in mind, this is only my experience and opinion. If you’ve had better results, then let me know in the comments section and I’ll definitely update this article!

2. Gambling

online gambling

This is something that I would definitely NOT recommend!

But like I mentioned, I wanted to be as thorough as possible and there really have been people that have made a lot of money by doing this.

Just do not go into any gambling scenario and bank on making a profit.

Listen, if you enjoy playing online poker, that’s OK!

But take it for what it is. Ultimately, it’s a sport. You do it for fun. So you use wisdom and you include your wagers into your budget and please, PLEASE do not let your emotions get the better of you!

It’s like going to Vegas.

You wouldn’t cash out your Roth IRA and bet everything on the slots in Vegas.

At least I hope not!

If you do, then you might wanna find some help.

At the end of the day, people do make money by gambling online. Just do it with wisdom and treat it how it was originally intended. Like a game.

3. Data Entry

online data entry jobs

Data entry and transcriptions could be a viable option for you.

The only problem is, it can be difficult to find these gigs online because the market is broad and worldwide.

Most major companies tend to outsource internet jobs to places like the Philippines because they can get quality work for less money.

Which means higher profits for the company.

But if you are willing to spend some time looking for a quality online job, it’s possible that you might find one that you’re qualified for AND pays enough to make it worth your time.

TIP: If you find a “job” and they require you to pay for a starter kit, just keep looking. You haven’t found a job.

It may not be scam. It could be network marketing or some other type of business opportunity. Those things are fine, but they are NOT jobs.

Just be aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

4. Writing

online jobs

Maybe you have a passion for writing?

There are many opportunities online where you can make decent money by writing articles or blog posts for other people.

Find a niche that you’re interested in and you have some expertise. Then do some digging and find some websites or blogs that hire writers.

Bear in mind that these companies demand top notch quality. And if you can deliver according to their standards, there is a very good chance that they might invite you to write for them on an ongoing basis.

This could be a great way to supplement your income.

You could also start your own blog, but we’ll talk more about that later.

5. Get a Part Time Job

online jobs

Many people are making supplemental income on the internet from part time jobs. These can be tough to find because again, most companies tend to outsource this kind of thing to countries across seas where they can get work done for a lot less money.

However with some digging and perseverance, internet based jobs can be found and can provide some extra money when times are tight.

You could become a virtual assistant, a document translator or an interview transcriber. You could even work for an internet based call center.

These are not necessarily paths that I would choose personally, but they could be good options for you if you need to temporarily supplement your income.

6. Market Trading

make money with bitcoin

This is something that would require some expertise. But if you are willing to put in the time and commitment to learn how to understand financial trading, it could be a great option.

In fact, there are many people who have created complete financial freedom by becoming a financial trader. In fact, Tim Sykes has made millions in penny stocks and he shares how he did it on his blog.

You would HAVE to be committed to stick with it for the long term. Become a constant student. Be willing to make mistakes.

And be willing to lose some (and at times all) of your investment.

If this is a path that you decide to take, then I would recommend you find a mentor. Find someone who has achieved a lot of success in this field and learn from them.

Success leaves clues. If you want to achieve anything in life or business, you must find someone who has already done it before you. Figure out what they did to achieve success, and model them.

It stands to reason that if you take the same actions as successful people before you, using the same resources, you would get similar results.


Some markets that you could dive into are Forex (currency), cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), or penny stocks.

It’s important to note that you will not get rich overnight. There is a massive learning curve in financial trading and it does come with significant risk.

7. YouTube Channel/Blogging

blogging for money

Another way that people are earning money online is by creating and publishing content around their passions (content marketing).

Two of my highest recommendations are:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Start a YouTube channel

Seriously, there are teenagers making millions of dollars from their bedrooms by creating simple YouTube videos about their passions.

They create videos about makeup, video games, and even just what they randomly do from day to day. And anything and everything in between,

The reality is, people are bored and want to be entertained. They want to enter someone else’s reality. And mainstream television is only one way of doing that…

Some people prefer real, raw content created by regular people who are NOT paid actors.

So no matter what your passion is, I guarantee there are other people who share that passion. Which means that YOU can capitalize on that.

Start a blog or YouTube channel and focus on creating quality content and building your subscribers or readers.

You could monetize by using ads on your videos or blogs. The only problem with that is you would need tens of thousands of visitors before you would earn significant income from your ad revenue.

But there are other more profitable ways to monetize your blog or videos, such as affiliate marketing.

But we’ll talk more about that in a bit.

Sell Products or Services

make more sales

Something that took me a while to realize is that in order to earn good money online, I needed to be selling something.

I didn’t like the idea at first. I thought selling felt “icky” or bad. I think many of us have a very negative connotation when it comes to sales.

We get this image in our mind of a sleezy car salesman who will do anything to sell that “clunker” to an innocent young girl buying her first car.

But the reality is, selling is NOT evil. It’s only evil if the person doing the selling is evil.

When it really comes down it, selling is what drives our economy. It’s nothing more than a value for value exchange.

When you buy something, you are making a trade. Some of your money (value) in exchange for what you want (what you perceive as value).

You’re even selling when you go to work. You might not realize it, but you’re making a value for value exchange every time you punch into your 9-5 job.

You are trading your time (value) for money (value). And there is very little to no leverage to be had in trading time for money.

Jim Rohn always said, “Profits are infinitely better than wages.”

Time is very fleeting and limited. So don’t waste too much of it! If you want to create real leverage in your finances, then I would encourage you to find something to sell.

So in a bit, we’ll talk about some things that you could sell online.

Selling Is NOT Evil!

I touched on this subject already but before we talk more about what to sell online, I wanted to get a few things out of the way.legitimate ways to make money online

As I said, sales is what drives our economy.

Without sales, we don’t eat. Without sales, we don’t have cars to drive or a house to live in. And without sales, our cars don’t get fixed and our children will not end up in good schools.

What I’m trying to say is that selling is NOT bad.

And neither is money.

I think one of the most MISQUOTED pieces of scripture out there is 1 Timothy 6:10. “Money is the root of all evil”


For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

The LOVE of money. Money is not bad or evil. It’s amoral. It’s not particularly good OR bad.

But money is a powerful tool. And when a lot of it falls into the hands of bad people, it gives them the capabilities of doing more bad things.

But when it falls into the hands of GOOD people, it allows them to do more good than ever before. It allows for more generosity.

We shouldn’t apologize for becoming successful. There’s no need to feel guilty about making a lot of money because it means that you provided more value to the marketplace than most other people.

That’s how money is acquired. By providing value.

Now some people in the past have given me a hard time over this saying, “What about El Chapo? He’s rich and did not provide real value!”

Let me be very clear. I despise the drug trade. It ruins lives and it’s a despicable way of making a living.

However, El Chapo’s customers perceived his “products” as valuable. And the fact is, Chapo sold drugs to more people out there than anyone.

The rule still applies. Provide more value than anyone else, and you will make more money than anyone else.


True wealth is not just about money. Money can play a part, for sure. But it’s about attaining a balance of inner peace, relationships, physical health, and financial prosperity.

I contend that El Chapo was never truly prosperous. Yes he had a ton of money. Yes he had power.

But I really don’t think he had inner peace. I doubt that his relationships were anywhere near perfect.

And look at him now… locked up in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

Not my idea of true wealth.

If you do evil, underhanded things to obtain your riches, it’s going to come back to bite you.

But if you are legitimately serving a market and you really want what’s best for your customers and everyone involved, you WILL be rewarded handsomely.

Trading Time For Dollars

So with all that being said about selling, it took me a surprisingly long time to realize that if I wanted to make money online, then I needed to SELL something.

The highest paying legitimate ways to make money online involve selling things to other people.time management technique

I guess I was just stuck the mindset of an employee.

I believe that the “employee mindset” is a very common setback for people who turn to the internet to make extra money.

Most of us have spent the majority of our adult lives as an employee.

You go to work for 8 hours, and then you get paid for 8 hours of your time. You take breaks when you are told to. You go home when you are told to. You do what you are told to do, when you are told to do it.

This is what makes earning money online so difficult.

You’re not used to being in charge of your own time. When you turn to the internet to earn money, there’s not going to be a boss telling you how hard to work or how to do your job.

This means that YOU ARE IN CHARGE. It can be very easy to become complacent with your income producing tasks especially when working out of your home. Your home is FILLED with distractions.

But you are now your own boss. You are in charge of disciplining yourself to complete the tasks that will get you paid.

As you’re working on your internet endeavours, ask yourself, “Would you hire yourself?”

Be honest with yourself. And if the answer is “NO” then there are some things that you’re going to have to change.

IF you want to be successful that is.

Now I want to be very clear…

Having a JOB is not a bad thing. In fact, I have a job myself, and I enjoy what I do from 8-5. We need people who want to have jobs in order for our economy to function.

People with JOBs provide us with goods and services that we need to live our lives. Groceries, car repairs, electricity, technology, etc, etc.

However, trading time for money simply offers no leverage.

If your ONLY income stream comes from a traditional job where you’re trading your time for dollars, then there is a very real cap to your income.

There is a limit to how many hours you can work in a day, which limits the amount of income you can earn.

But if you are selling products online, your income is essentially limitless.

Say you sell a product for $1000 through an automated sales funnel that you set up online.

Well, it’s not going to take up any more of your time to sell 10 of those $1000 products versus only selling one.

All you would need to do is drive more traffic, period.

Times Have Changed

A lot of people equate starting a business (or selling things) to a high amount of risk. But these people do not realize that what appears to be the safe route (go to school, get a good job, collect pension)… it’s no longer the safe way to go.

I recommend Robert Kyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book completely changed the way I think about money forever.

how to make money bloggingIt’s been demonstrated to us time and time again in the last few decades.

Social security is dead. The governments WILL NOT be providing us with income for life when turn 65.

That was the promise, right?

Yes, it was.

But the problem with going that “safe” route is that you’re relying on other people to look after your future.

And that’s silly. Just silly.

If we could really and truly trust our governments and the people that are in charge of the financial industry, then I suppose it would be a fine way to prepare for your future.

But the market crash of 2008 taught us that the financial industry and our governments CAN NOT be trusted.

The amount of corruption and foul play that led up to the bankruptcy of a few major banks and eventually the collapse of the economy… well it’s sickening to say the least.

If you don’t know anything about this, then I would recommend you watch Matt Damon’s documentary, Inside Job. It will enlighten you and perhaps help you to see that it’s time for you to take control of your destiny.

And that’s why starting a business or entering some type of sales profession is (in my opinion) one of the safest and most secure things you can do

It’s why I am spending the time writing this article. I want to help you see that there really are legitimate ways to make money online.

There will be more ups and downs in the near future than a traditional job.

But there is a much higher income ceiling and potentially an unlimited income ceiling.

And if you choose the right product to sell and combine that with training that has been proven to work, then you WILL be successful in your ventures.

I like what Randy Gage says. Whatever it is that you decide to do, do network marketing in addition to that.

While I’m not involved in network marketing myself, I do believe that Randy’s concept is spot on. Whatever it is that you decide to do for a living, it’s a good idea to work on building an extra stream of income on the side.

Or maybe two.

Your little side hustle might one day prove to be the wisest thing you ever did.

So let’s talk about some ideas of what you could actually sell online.

What To Sell Online?

internet marketing

There are so many different options in regards to what you could sell on the internet. T-shirts, music, training, services… there are almost too many to list.

The options are almost literally endless. But not all of the options are equal. Some are better than others; some are more profitable.

Think about selling t-shirts. If you have a t-shirt made for 3 dollars apiece and sell each one for ten buckos…

Sell a hundred t-shirts a month, and you’ve made an extra $700. Enough to cover a mortgage payment for most everyday folks, right?

But EVERY SINGLE product you sell is going to cost you some money, which comes out of your bottom line, your profit.

But what if you could create a product one time, and sell it over and over again? No manufacturing expenses, no shipping costs, and your customer still gets instant access to the product?

No need to wait for it to be delivered in the mail!

Does that sound too good to be true or what?

Well let me tell you, it’s NOT. How do I know? Because I’ve made a lot of money by utilizing this type of business model.

It’s called being an information entrepreneur. It’s what Tony Robbins does. It’s what JK Rowling did with Harry Potter. Heck, tt’s what Taylor Swift does and even the Beatles.

Some of them may not be selling information PERSAE, but the concept still applies.

They created the content one time, and profited handsomely over and over and over again.

Especially in the age we live in. Most of today’s information products are delivered digitally. They’re stored in the cloud and customers can get access as soon as they’ve completed the online payment process.

This allows for incredible profit margins.

And it’s responsible for creating thousands of internet millionaires.

Everybody has a skill. If you know how to refurbish old boats, you can sell that information. Or if you know how to raise happy healthy children, that is marketable information that many people are willing to pay top dollar for.

Teach people how to play the guitar, play better golf, make more sales in their real estate business…

Literally ANYTHING!

With all that being said…

There are other options as well. So for the sake of being thorough, I’m going to share with you every option that comes to my mind in regards to legitimate ways to make money online.

8. Sell Services

sell services online

Do you have a skill-set that people are willing to pay for?

Maybe you know how to create websites. Or maybe you’re really good at SEO and you can get any website to rank on the first page of Google. Maybe you know how to edit videos to make them look and feel like it came out of a professional studio.

Well you could offer these services online and sell them to people all over the world. There are so many different services that you could offer and you could do it many different ways.

You could go on Fiverr and sell your services there.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as people looking for service providers on Fiverr are not looking to pay top dollar.

But there are other options out there.

You could even set up your own website and charge whatever you want to.

But here’s a thought…

Maybe you already have an offline business and you would just like to attract more customers?

Well you can use the internet to do that as well!

Virtually every offline business these days some type of online presence. Granted most of them do not know how to effectively use the internet to spread their brand.

But with the right training and resources, internet marketing can be a very cost effective way to spread the word about your business.

9. Write And Publish A Book

publish an ebook

The days of needing to hire an expensive publisher to sell your book are gone.

There are regular people every single day self-publishing books on Amazon Kindle. If you have any marketable knowledge or passion for writing, YOU could be the next published author on Kindle.

Find a profitable niche, put some real love and effort into your writing project, and you could potentially have the next best-seller without having to spend tens of thousands on traditional publishing.

Personally, I recommend writing about one of these 4 niches:
– Health
– Wealth
– Relationships
– Hobbies

These are hands down the most profitable niches out there and people are spending obscene amounts of money on these subjects.

10. Sell Your Old Stuff

selling on ebay

You have no idea how much literal value you have stacked away in your closet, garage or garden shed.

I realized this when I was at the beginning of my “becoming debt free” journey.

I went through all of my old crap and realized that I actually had a lot of stuff that people would be willing to pay for. Stuff that I would never miss if it disappeared.

For example, I had an old iPhone that I no longer needed. But there was nothing wrong with it! So I listed it on Craigslist. Guess what?

I sold it within 12 hours and made a nice $400!

Obviously this is not a long term game plan. You only have so much stuff. But if you are in a pinch or maybe trying to pay down debt like I was, you might find that you have a few thousand dollars worth of crap that other people might find very valuable.

11. Dropshipping

make money on shopify

Dropshipping is the process of selling other companies products.

Let’s say that you find a product that you KNOW people would love. And you can buy it at a very low price in China.

You know that this exact product sells for 10x the price of what you can buy it for overseas.

So you go and list the product on your online store.

Someone buys the product from you and they pay $50. Then you buy the product from China for $10… but you get it shipped directly to your buyers shipping address.

You just made an easy 40 bucks… and you didn’t have to have ANY inventory!

Does that make sense?

That is the process of dropshipping. Many internet millionaires have been created using this process.

They may sell through Amazon, eBay, or even their own website.

Shopify has been getting a LOT of buzz over the last few months. In fact, I personally know a dude here in my home town who is starting to make a real killing on Shopify.

This could potentially be a very lucrative business model IF it interests you.

12. Freelance Work

make money freelancing

If you need to make a few extra bucks but you don’t really want to commit and start a business, freelancing could be a great option.

I mentioned Fiverr already, but it’s a website that could help you get a lot of work if are needing to supplement your income.

Other business owners often need a hand with completing some of the more simple, mundane tasks in their business.

Tasks such as:
– Writing content
– Transcribing videos
– Syndicating content
– Translation
– Graphic design

There are hundreds of tasks that you could do to earn some extra moolah. You won’t get rich doing it, but it might help you pay a bill or two.

A few other options to consider in addition to Fiverr are Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork.

This wouldn’t be my favorite option to make extra money online because you are truly trading your time for money (like a job) but it could be a great temporary income stream.

13. Domain Names

buy and sell domains

Another lucrative option to make money online is buying and selling domains. If you don’t know what a domain is, it’s essentially the address where a website can be hosted.

So as an example… this website is hosted on the domain “meetJohnnyFriesen.com”

Well I’ve found that there are people making hundreds of thousands of dollars by flipping domains.

There is definitely a learning curve to this. Most of which lies in choosing the right domain to buy.

Just like in real estate, the money is made when you BUY the domain… not when you sell.

Meaning that you need to find serious BARGAINS if you want to turn around and sell it for a profit.

I do not claim to be an expert on this subject, but let’s say you found a domain that is already an established brand.

Let’s say Nike (for example sake; this would never happen in real life!)

If you were able to buy Nike.com for $100, well you could turn around and sell that domain for 7 figures. Probably more.

Extreme example, I know. It’s not going to happen that way but this is me explaining the concept.

I recently had somebody reach out to me about one of my domains. I had originally bought it because I thought it sounded cool and I planned to use it for one of my membership sites.

Well it turns out that this domain name was actually the same as his company name. So he offered me $650 for the domain.

So I sold. Considering I paid $7 for it, it was the easiest money I ever made!

14. Create Your Own Product

legitimate ways to make money online

Creating your own digital information products is an amazing way to not just bring in some extra income, but really build a big business that can stand the test of time and support your entire life.

The best part about this is you get to keep ALL of the profits. Unlike affiliate marketing or network marketing, you keep 100% of the income.

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t know enough about anything to create my own product!”

Here’s what I’ll tell you:

You are underestimating your own knowledge!

Many people do this and I did it in the past as well. The reality is, you DO have a skill. Something that you’re good at.

Maybe you play the guitar very well. Maybe you know how to repair cars. Maybe you know how to make sales in real estate.

Whatever it is, there is a way to monetize it.

One of the internet marketers that I follow is Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels. The very first success he had online was selling a product that taught people how to build a potato gun. The guy made a 6 figure income from this simple product!

Who would have thought!

Another example that I like to use is Paul Danner. He’s an expert in electrical diagnosis and repairing cars.

As you might know, I spend my days repairing cars (yes, I do still work a 9-5 JOB). So I started following Paul’s YouTube channel (Scanner Danner) because he helped me to become better at my job so that I could increase my income there.

Well, Paul also sells a book and a membership site where he houses all of his premium training.

His online business took off so much that he had to quit his day job and go full time in his online business.

That should tell you that NO MATTER WHAT you’re good at, there are people out there who want to be good at that as well. And those people value your knowledge and will be willing to pay you for it.

15. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

If you are brand new to online marketing, I don’t necessarily recommend creating your products right out of the gate.

If you need to make money FAST, you have to focus on making sales. Selling is the only thing that will bring income into your bank account.

So instead of creating your own products, I recommend starting out with selling someone else’s products. This is known as affiliate marketing. If you’ve spent any time looking for legitimate ways to make money online, then you’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing.

You can become an affiliate for Amazon, Best Buy, and even Wal Mart.

But I would recommend selling digital products because your commissions will be much bigger.

You can find products to sell on ClickBank, Commission Junction, and JV Zoo.

Sell affiliate products for other people until your have your marketing dialled in. At that point, you will have the time and money to focus on creating your own high quality products that you can charge top dollar for.

There are many affiliates on ClickBank who are making 6 figures and more. So rest assured that this is real and not just some pipe dream.

16. Network Marketing


Yup. Network marketing. MLM or multi-level marketing.

I know that this business model has negative connotations for many people. But the reality is, there are countless people who are making good money using this business model.

And I KNOW this because I have personally made money in network marketing. The business model didn’t make me rich because I didn’t particularly enjoy the process. But I received and cashed a few checks so that really validated the business for me.

The real success in network marketing comes in when you start recruiting reps into your organization to grow their own networks of reps.

So making sales is not really what will make you wealthy in network marketing.

The big money comes in duplication. Being able to recruit, and teaching OTHER PEOPLE how to recruit and teach.

Traditionally, this was done by approaching your friends and family and even strangers on the street.

But with modern technology, you can now build worldwide organizations from the comfort of your home office.

If you are in network marketing, you can get a ton of training on how to use internet marketing in your business from a company called MLSP.

Additionally, I can teach you how to take your business online as well in my free bootcamp training.

This will teach you everything you need to know from creating your website, to driving traffic (people) to your site, to converting those people into buyers and distributors.

17. Invest In A Business Opportunity (Licensing)

high ticket affiliate marketing

This is, in my opinion, the Cream Of The Crop in regards to making money online. The Licensing Model is essentially a hybrid of network marketing, affiliate marketing, and creating your own products.

When you invest in a business opportunity, you will get the support and training that you would receive in a network marketing company.

You can sell other people’s products so that you don’t need to worry about creating your own products (yet).

And you can earn BIG money from each sale, just as if you were the owner of the products.

This is the main way in which I am generating an income on the internet. I can actually make commissions of over a thousand dollars PER SALE and even up to $10,000 per sale in some cases.

You might be thinking, “Who would spend that kind of money online?”

Well, I am living proof that people do!

When the dreams and visions of people become strong enough, they are willing to do and pay what is necessary to achieve those dreams.

There are people in the company that I promote who are making 6 figures PER MONTH with this income stream alone.

I know it sounds like complete BS. Heck, I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t personally met some of these people.

But it’s real.

So I’d like to share with you a 3 step process that I use to make sales with the Licensing Model.

1. Build an audience (email list)
2. Build goodwill (provide value to those people)
3. Recommend my products (make money)

This probably sounds too simple, right?

Well truthfully, there is a bit more to it. There are some intricacies and skills that you would need to learn to implement those 3 steps effectively.

But that’s not really what this article is about.

I just wanted to share with you a few ideas of how you could come online and make some extra moolah.

If you want more details on how I make sales online, feel free to join my free bootcamp training. Over a thousand people have gone through this training now. And I share with you EXACTLY what I do in my personal business.

Only Sell Quality Products/Services

Before I end this thing, I want to share with you a piece of wisdom that I learned from experience.

If your main motivation to make sales online is to just stuff your wallet, you might not get very far.

network marketing recruitingI mean, it makes sense that in the beginning you simply need to make more money. But don’t do it at the expense of others.

You need to really believe in what you’re selling. When you sell something, you are stamping YOUR seal of approval on that product.

And if that product is crap, you’ve destroyed the trust of that customer forever. They will never buy from you again.

There are even some people who you SHOULD NOT SELL TO.

I had a conversation with a fellow a few years back.

He wanted to learn how to make money online. And he wanted to do it by joining the company that I promote.

He mentioned that he was desperate. If this wasn’t going to work out, his wife was going to leave him.

Immediately, the hairs on my neck perked up. Red flags jumped out at me.

This was not the time for this poor man to join my business!

He needed to focus on rebuilding his marriage! THAT needed to be the priority in his life, not money!

Here’s what I’m trying to say:

Everything that you do should be done with integrity. That especially includes business. It needs to come from a love of people, from a desire of helping others MORE than just stuffing your wallet.

We want to make money, for sure.

But remember, prosperity is nothing more than a value for value exchange.


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