I have been making money online for some time now. But for many people, making money from their home computer will always remain a dream. Just like it did for me for a very long time.

When I first started looking for ways to earn money from home, I was very stubborn.  I had this idea in my head that selling was bad… and I was unwilling to see it any other way.

I was young and naive. I thought that I would be able to find some type of online JOB that would allow me to make an income from home.

But there were 2 things that I didn’t understand about making money.

1. A JOB Is Not Scale-able

First of all, it’s very difficult to find an internet based job that will pay a decent salary. Trust me, I’ve looked.

The reason is because businesses can get super cheap labor from 3rd world countries over seas. It lowers their expenses and therefore increases profits… so why wouldn’t they?

So making money online from an internet based job is extremely difficult for anyone in America. On the off chance that you DO find a job that you can do remotely from your home, it’s simply not scale-able.

Your income is in the hands of someone else… your employer.

This means that there is a cap. Your employer has more interest in growing their business than they do in your wealth.

But you can’t blame them, right?

2. SELLING Is The Only Way To Make Money

Selling is not bad. It’s a necessity. It’s what drives the economy. And it is the ONLY way to make money.

Even if you are employee in a blue collar career.

If you have traditional job, then you are selling your time. You are trading time for dollars. You are donating your time to your employer in exchange for money.

The problem with this is that time is finite. This means that there is a cap to your income.

But if you are selling products, you can start to create leverage in your income. You sell more products, you earn more money.

And you can sell as many products as you wish… especially on the internet. You do not have geographic limitations and you can use technology to market and deliver your products to thousands of people.

The more products you sell, the more money you make.

It’s as simple as that.

Video On What You Need To Start Making Money Online


Did that help you? I hope it helped to give you clarity as to what you need to start making money online. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Profits are infinitely better than wagesJim Rohn


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